Chambray Labradors Miami Florida's top champion Labrador breeder offers a unique Owner's Package of Amenities, Guarantees and Training.


Amenities Package

As responsible breeders, we offer our extensive expertise with the breed to each and every puppy placed from our kennel and from those placed through the Partners Program For The Betterment of The Breed.

We are uniquely qualified to offer our champion-sired Labrador puppies the following services, amenities and programs because of our extensive involvement with the breed. Our credentials and our successes with Labradors speak for themselves.

  • LabWell Products Inc. - Sandy Herzon & Johanna Herzon are owners of the only breed-specific nutrition and supplement company for Labradors, we offer our products to thousands of Labrador owners and breeders from across the country.
  • Professional Canine Services Inc. - We are professional dog trainers and dog handlers, this is not a hobby or a fancy to us. Through this entity we cover the entire spectrum of dog breeding, raising, training and handling.
  • Chambray Dog Training Inc.  - We have been training dogs, specializing in Labrador Retrievers for 3+ decades. We train, condition and handle hundreds of Labradors on a monthly basis. In the last 39 years, over 15,000 Labradors have been through our care and boarding facility, at our training classes and to our handlers workshops and seminars. We title and point more Labradors in Florida than any professional handler or breeder.
  • Chambray Labradors Inc. - We are the number 1 breeders of owner/handled champion Labrador Retrievers in Florida with 67 titled Labradors since 1992. In the last 10 years, as owner/handlers there is no other Labrador breeder in Florida that comes even close to our record with 22 AKC Bred By Champions (to date 10/04/2008).


  • Free Lifetime Support System - Each and every puppy placed comes with a Lifetime Support System available through E-mail, phone or in person. Our expertise in all the areas of our involvement with the breed is available around the clock. This includes advise on nutrition, training, well-care, breeding and any other topic that the owner might encounter with their new puppy or dog. Chances are we will have the answer and if we don't, we will find it for you.


  • Micro Chip - All puppies will be implanted with a permanent micro-chip for identification. We use both the AKC's CAR microchips and the Avid microchips as well and advice all new owners to subscribe to their lost & found notification network. Micro chipping is the identification method that is accepted worldwide. This is now required by the AKC for OFA and DNA & CERF eye certifications in order for the clearances to appear along side the AKC number on the dog's papers.


  • We offer a free Lifetime Subscription through our company LabWell's  Lab Alert Lost & Found Notification Network. This is active 24/7 and we will keep this system in operation for the next 15 years, however we highly recommend that all our puppies be registered with the AKC's CAR system or the Avid system for a nominal fee. The way I see is that I will not be around for ever, but the AKC & Avid  will and knowing how they operate, they will eventually control the microchip world!


  • Inclusion into the Labrador Retrievers Owner's Community for the Betterment of the Breed. Providing new and established owners expertise in all matters concerning all aspects of the breed including raising, training, handling and breeding, all for the betterment of the breed.


  • Plus the most extensive training package ever offered by any breeder for Labrador puppies and dogs alike, see Training Packages.

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