Chambray Labradors South Florida's Top Champion Labrador Breeder offers a unique Owner's Package of Amenities, Guarantees.


Guarantees for Pet & Show Puppies

All puppies and dogs MUST have the official AKC Registered name of Chambray AKC for any and all warrantees and guarantees to be in effect. If the dog does not carry the Chambray prefix, then the following guarantees are not valid for that dog.

Besides being top conformation Labrador Retriever breeders, we are also professional dog trainers (Professional Canine Service) and professional dog handlers (Chambray Dog Training)in addition we own LabWell Products ( ) the Labrador Retriever Information Center for Owners, Breeders & Exhibitors a nutritional and supplement product label for the well-being of all our own dogs and to thousands of clients nationwide.

We know what it is like owning, breeding, raising, training and showing dogs, so we offer the most comprehensive warrantee & guarantee package ever put together by any breeder in the country. Compare our WRITTEN GUARANTEES & WARRANTEES to what other breeders are offering and you make the call! We are the top breeder of Labrador champions in South Florida, all of Florida in fact!



Guarantees Package for Temperament Health and Soundness

 We firmly stand behind each and every puppy placed, not only in health and soundness but also in temperament. We want each and every new owner to know exactly what our guarantees are, so here they are in large, easy to read print. There is no legal jargon, no fine print, no long list of exceptions (amended 03/27/05 after 30 years, see below all new items will be in RED).
We strive for satisfied owners.

*Lifetime Temperament Guarantee -

  • In the unlikely event that one of our puppies or dogs develops any temperament or severe negative behavioral problems, we reserve the right to diagnose and treat the problem. If we feel the problem is not treatable, a replacement will be made available within 1 year after the return of original dog.
    Plain and simple, if the dog does not act like a Labrador Retriever, then this guarantee is 100% in effect!!!!!!
  • The original dog must be returned with all AKC papers, medical records and rabies tags. If the dog was originally placed as a Show Quality puppy, it must be returned intact and not be neutered, spayed or have been bred (accidentally or intentionally)  in which case the guarantee is voided.
  • Pet placement dogs may be returned spayed or neutered.

*Return To Breeder Guarantee

  • The puppy/dog will always have a home back with the breeder. If for any reason the new owners are unable to keep the puppy or dog, the breeder is to be notified and arrangements are to be made to deliver the dog to the breeder as soon as possible. All AKC papers, rabies tags and medical records are to be returned to the breeder at the time of return. Once the dog is surrendered it will be 100% up to Chambray Labradors to determine the eventual living arrangements with the dog.
    There are no refunds for a return, rescue/relocation.

*Health & *Genetic Warrantees (Canine Hip Dysplasia & Eye PRA)  

Part 1 - 72 Hour After Taking Puppy Veterinarian Examination

The new owner MUST have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian at his/her expense within 3 days of taking possession of puppy. If upon said examination the puppy is found to have a congenital birth defect or serious health condition, worms, parasites or even a superficial scratch,

It must be reported to 305 232-5227 from the veterinarian’s office at the time of diagnoses. If there is no "live" answer, then a message must be left on the Voice Mail Service with the time, date and circumstances of the call.

Unless there is a dire emergency that involves a "life or death situation" to the puppy or dog, no treatments are to be made until having consulted with Sandy Herzon,
and then one of the following will happen as decided by
Sandy Herzon/Chambray Labradors


  • (A) conditions for return to the breeder will be made as soon as possible without any treatment and without medical procedures performed on said puppy. Upon return of the puppy, a full refund of the price paid for the entire Puppy Package (puppy and accompanying amenity’s package) will be returned to the new owner, plus the cost of the veterinarian’s examination not to exceed $35. Only the specified cost (up to and not exceeding $35) of the exam will be covered, No treatment, No medications and No Procedures will be covered by the refund upon immediate return of the puppy.


  • Or (B) Upon conferring with the diagnosing Vet, the breeder (V. Sandy Herzon) might authorize treatment by the Vet. and take responsibility for the costs of the specified treatment that falls under the guarantee. It will be Sandy Herzon's decision, either A or B or the new owner may opt for the following C at new owner's responsibility and new owner accepts all costs incurred from that moment on.


  • C - the puppy may be treated by the owner at their cost, thus releasing V. Sandy Herzon of any further responsibilities. In other words, the new owner by authorizing the vet to perform any treatments/procedures, will knowingly VOID this part of the Health Guarantee and therefore take all responsibilities for their decision from that moment forth. All subsequent treatments, medications will be the responsibility of the owner once they decide on Option C as stated above. By deciding on Option C, the new owner releases Sandy Herzon from any and all conditions that may arise in the 14-Day Health Guarantee period and beyond.

·    This refund guarantee time does not cover accidents, broken bones, bites, lacerations, mauling, swallowed items or any other condition, including accidental death. Any and All accidental conditions are the responsibilities of the new owner.


Part 2- 14-Day Limited Health Guarantee

·        Since most viruses have an incubation period of 4 to 7 days, in the unlikely event that the puppy comes down with such, during the first 7 days, we might assume that it was exposed during its time with the breeder, however, after the 8th or 9th day away from the breeder’s environment, it can be assumed that exposure came from other sources away from the breeder’s control. However, the breeder will go the extra length and guarantee for the full first 14 days from the day the puppy was taken possession by the new owners.

·        The puppy/dog has a 14 day Health Guarantee (from date of possession as stated above) to cover any of the puppy viruses and immune system problems. The 14 days start on the first day that the new owners take possession of the puppy.

In the event that the puppy becomes ill during this 14-day time period due to any puppy virus or immune system problem, the condition must be reported to 305 232-5227 immediately from the diagnosing vet's office and the puppy will be returned to the breeder as soon as possible and the breeder will personally treat the puppy at his expense. Sandy Herzon will have the option of providing treatment to the puppy with a vet of his choice. If Sandy Herzon is not notified within the 14-Day Health Guarantee period, then this guarantee is void. If owner decides to have their own vet treat the puppy within the 14-Day Health Guarantee period without notifying Sandy Herzon, then the owner will assume all responsibilities and cost from there forward. In essence, that action will release Sandy Herzon of any responsibilities up until and thereafter.

·        If the puppy is returned to Sandy Herzon for treatment as described by 14-Day Health Guarantee, the puppy will be returned to the new owner as soon as it has been treated by  Sandy Herzon and is well into recovery.

·        This 14-Day Health Guarantee does not cover accidents, broken bones, lacerations, bites or mauling from other dogs or animals or accidental death.


Part 3 – Genetic Guarantee to 26 months of age for hips and 2 year for PRA eyes.

·   Said dog will be submitted for hip radiographs by the new owners at the new owners expense at the age of 24 months and said radiographs shall be submitted to OFFA for evaluation.

·   Said dog will be examined by a canine ophthalmologist for PRA at the new owners expense and the results submitted to CERF for evaluation before 2 years of age. All dogs that are to be included into the Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed must have the Optigen DNA test performed to be included in the program.

·   This puppy is warranteed for CHP (canine hip dysplasia) up to 26 months of age and for Affected PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) up to 24 month's of age.

·        In the unlikely event that the puppy is diagnosed with CHD-Hip Dysplacia or PRA-Affected eyes by a licensed veterinarian and said diagnoses is confirmed by OFA or PennHip for the hips and  Optigen DNA  for AFFECTED PRA to the eyes, said puppy will be replaced by another puppy of equal value within a 24 month period after said diagnoses and subsequent confirmation has been provided to the breeder and the dog has been neutered. This replacement puppy and amenities package will be provided at no cost to the new owners. No other eye conditions are covered by this guarantee other than AFFECTED PRA as this is the only eye condition that has been determined to be 100% hereditary.

·  Chambray Labradors will decide if the puppy or dog will be returned to Chambray or may be kept by the new owners, however, if the dog will be kept by the owners, it must be spayed or neutered at new owners expense and must not have been used for breeding prior to said diagnoses. Breeding of dog, whether intentional or accidental will void all guarantees. Proof of spay or neuter must be submitted to Sandy Herzon in writing from a Board Certified Veterinarian before any warrantees are met.

If the animal was bred intentionally or accidentally, it will nullify all these guarantees!

·        In the unlikely event that the dog does develop a genetic defect and any surgical procedures that are considered by the new owner, the new owner will incur all expenses for any and all elected procedures. The new owner may elect to return the dog to the breeder, where the dog will either be kept by the breeder or be placed in a new home of the breeder’s choosing. If the new owner elects to keep the dog, it must be neutered at new owners expense for a replacement to be made. The breeder will not assume any expenses for any elected surgery due to any accidental or genetic conditions.

·        The new owners understand that the guarantee is for the replacement of the dog (no money refund) with another dog of equal value within 2 year's time after one has been offered. Since we do not mass produce, rather only a selected 2 to 4 litters are produced yearly, the replacement may take time to materialize.


If a Show Quality dog is spayed or neutered all guarantees are VOIDED!


All puppies and dogs MUST have the official Chambray AKC name for any and all warrantees and guarantees to be in effect.

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