Chambray Labradors Florida's top show Labrador breeder offers a unique Owner's Package of Amenities, Guarantees and Training.



Training Packages

Producing the absolute best in conformation comes from our 39 years of involvement with the breed as Labrador breeders/trainers and handlers. The measure of success in conformation is tallied in the show ring and the results of that success is assessed in the number of wins and titled dogs in competition with other breeders. In Florida, we have owner/handled more champions than anyone else and we have champion pointed more Labradors than any breeder or professional handler in the last 16 years.

These are not boastful claims, these are documented with hard-copy data found at the following pages:

Dog Show Scene


Anyone can claim anything and they do, however the proof is in the pudding and that pudding is certifiable results!


As professional dog trainers (Chambray Dog Training) and professional dog handlers (Professional Canine Service) we are uniquely qualified to offer the following training, conditioning and handling packages to those puppies
placed through the Puppy Placement Program.

Pet Quality Puppy Training Package 
AKC's Limited Registration.

  • The 12 Week Puppy Primer Training Classes - Sandy & Johanna Herzon have been conducting the Thursday night training classes since 1993 at the FPL parking lot. These classes are held once a week at our training facility in Miami. Class meets every Thursday night at 7 PM and lasts 1/2 hour. These classes are free of charge for each and every puppy that we place. There is no "discount" for not attending these classes, in fact if you tell us that you will not have the time for training your puppy, we will not place it with you.

  • 4 Private One-On-One Training Sessions - The Herzons have been training dogs privately since 1985 at their home/farm. These are scheduled by appointment at our home and kennel anytime during the lifetime of the dog. These 4 private sessions are free of charge and once again there isn't a discount for not taking advantage of this program, once again we will not place one of our puppies or dogs with owners that don't make the time to provide socialization and training to their dogs.

  • Canine Good Citizen Testing - Sandy Herzon has been an AKC CGC evaluator since 1997, we provide this test free of charge to all puppies and dogs placed through our program.



There is no other Florida Labrador breeder that offers the training package above! That's because none are qualified to do so!

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