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The following directory contains informative articles, essays, journals, statistics and stories from various sources.
Credit has been give to the authors other than those written by myself (V Sandy Herzon).

A Special Note To All Our
Labrador Retriever Owners
Past & Present

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Puppy Search
To aid in your quest for information on puppies we have created this section of articles and informative write ups



 Puppy Placement Program "How It Works"


 Puppy Owners Manual 101 Research for the best!
 Puppy Owners Manual 201 No Limitations Knowing You Have The Best
Puppy Owners Manual 301 Harvesting The Fruit Of The Vine

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Below you will find some more very informative articles about searching for a puppy!
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The Chambray Challenge


If the article above was of interest to you read the following
The Chambray Difference


How puppies are placed through Chambray's Puppy Placement Program

 The Puppy Placement Process


Answers to "How do Chambray dogs compare to other show breeder's dogs?"
Comparing Apples To Oranges

Keep The Best & Sell The Rest
Informative article in response to the numerous
questions and feedback that arose from
"This Michelob's For You"


From Pet Owner To Showing Dogs July 2009


Chambray Website Visitors
very informative article for visitors to our website for information on puppies June 2009


Meet The Chambray Labradors Owners, Breeders and Exhibitors May 2009


Caveat Emptor December 2008



A must read for all those searching for a puppy and for those that now own a Chambray puppy!

The 2012 Eukanuba National Championships

  If I Build It Will They Come, If They Come Will They Stay?

Will The Real Labrador Owners Community Please Stand Up!
The Labrador Owners Community comes to the rescue of 11 Labradors left homeless after their owner passes away!

Finally the highly anticipated article
The All Vital Puppy Evaluations

The difference between well-socialized, confident puppies with strong immune systems!
Free Range Puppy Raising



Emails & Responses To The Triple Threat Articles Part IV

Feedback To The Triple Threat Articles Part III

The Triple Threat Part II
follow up to the article below (07/30/2011)

 The Triple Threat At The Dog Shows

Triple Threat Testimonial From A Chambray Owner
A timely testimonial covering the topic of the previous 4 renderings (08/08/2011)


Florida's Leader For All Labrador Retrievers
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Click below for our Dog Show cast-in-stone results
 Florida's Record-Setting Leader At The Dog Shows 2011

All Aboard The Silver Bullet Train Eukanuba Bound



Human Interest Articles & Stories
We welcome short stories from anyone with something
to share. They must be original and can not be published
anywhere else as we want to keep our content unique.

I have created a special section called the Partner's Corner where you will read about the
experiences of those that are part of our Labrador Retriever Community called the
Partners Program for the Betterment of the Breed.

Their testimonials and stories are a testament and validation to our unique endeavor.

These articles and short stories were sent in by some of our Labrador owners.

"Famous Amos The Talking Dog"

Special Submission from a "New Puppy's Perspective
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A new puppy goes to his new home and with the help of his
new owners shares his experiences away from Chambray Acres.

An Update From Famous Amos
  In The Snow Of Utah
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   It's now Int RBIS Jr. Ch WinQuest Chambray Famous Amos
Famous Amos is back in Utah after spending
some time in Florida and competing at his very 1st shows
and he has plenty to say about his exploits back at Chambray Acres & the International shows.
Famous Amos, New Show Champion

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The Cat's Out Of The Bag
by Puuupeeee
Chambray's Famous Amos's brother has something to say too!

A new message from Puuupeeee at the end of the story above!

Miss Zeta from Memphis TN. has something to say as well.

  Ya'll Listen Up, This Is Miss Zeta





Come back and visit this section soon, as many of our Partners, Owners, Associates and related Labrador friends will be contributing their experiences to share with our visitors.





Sandy's there isn't enough to do with all the Labrador-related
activities, then I go and write about them!






Chambray Guardian Rum Tum Tugger 12/06/2010

Three Touching Testimonials  09/13/2010
An Outsider's Point of View 08/20/2010
Amended Editor's Note 08/23/2010

Dozens and Dozens more testimonials at the page!






About Labradors, Breed Standard
and Related Subjects


In true fashion to who I am, I present the following, telling like it is!!!
The opinions expressed in the following essays are solely those conjured from my 40 years of trials and tribulations with Labradors and all the frills that come with such an extensive relationship.



New educational article




Below was the 2010 #1 Visited Article Before The Series Above




  • New continuing educational articles
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    "Illustrating The Breed Standard"
    A companion article/illustration using real life dogs to
    explain some passages of the Labrador breed standard.

  • "How To Present A Winner"

    Above the perfect Frontal Presentation with a Side By Side stance






  • "Thanking The Forum"
    Now with added feedback and testimonials!!!!!!!
    Thanks to the activity at the Labrador Forum
    we registered the highest 7 day total of hits (203,000 hits) and
    visitations (9,780 individual visitors) at the website
    since its inception on the Internet!!!!!!

  • Chapter 1
    This Michelob’s For You!
    A timely discussion about the Florida dog shows,
    the people that enter and show their dogs there
    and Cajun gumbo soup!

  • Chapter 2
    Keep The Best & Sell The Rest
    Informative article in response to the numerous
    questions and feedback that arose from
    "This Michelob's For You"

  • Chapter 3
    The Many Faces Of A Labrador Breeder
    A quip-filled harangue to pass the time away!



  • Judging By The Pound by Sandy Herzon or maybe a better title would be
    "Fat Dogs Abound" 
    With the current trend of selecting breeder-judges to all-breed dog shows, we all need to fatten up our dogs to be considered for those elusive wins! Some dogs can just barely make it around the ring and their tongue will be working fulltime! The exhibitors handling some of these dogs make up all kinds of excuses as to why they move the dog so slowly.

  • You Be The Judge-    by Sandy Herzon is it luck or is it something else that makes some people winners, while others just don't get it? Is it luck or are there other forces involved?

  • Caveat Emptor by Sandy Herzon a must read for future puppy buyers. With the advent of the Internet and savvy websites we are now seeing a proliferation of more "breeders", to add to the already endless listing that may be found with a search for "Labrador Breeders".






Odds and Ends and Pertinent Goings-On
At the Dog Shows

Ok, more filling of the empty spaces!


  • The Partners Program At Work (2005) by Sandy Herzon
    A couple of examples to showcase the inner workings of the Partner Program for the Betterment of the Breed. Featuring Dusty and Sammie

Of course all the preceding by Sandy Herzon





About Dog Training
The following articles have now been made required reading
for all of our training clients, both private training
and class training.







Labrador Retriever Health Reference Library   

There are great nutrition and health care articles at the  website.

  • Heatstroke

  • Hotspots

  • Breeding

  • Nutrition
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