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Show Puppy Owner's Package 

All puppies and dogs MUST have the official prefix Chambray AKC name for any and all warrantees and guarantees to be in effect!!!!!

We breed exclusively for show purposes.
We do not breed to produce pet puppies.
(those puppies born in a litter that do not grade out to be Show Quality
are placed as Pet Quality with the AKC's Limited Registration)

Each and every litter considered has a sole purpose,
to perpetuate the great qualities of the Labrador Retriever
by the pairing of two exceptional parents.

Two parents that exemplify the breed to the highest degree with the hallmarks of the breed:

  • The TRUE TEMPERAMENT of the breed  as recognized world-wide, making the Labrador Retriever one of the top breeds around the world and number 1 in the USA.

  • Outstanding CONFORMATION as described by the breed standard for Labrador Retrievers and validated by show judges with titles and awards at AKC, UKC, IABCA, or other registries with conformation events, winning more than all the other breeders COMBINED at these 3 venues!!!!!!

  • SOUNDNESS & HEALTH as determined by Vet Exams, DNA testing, Health Clearances and Radiology, Heart & Thyroid testing.

Once our goals are achieved by producing the absolute best in each succeeding generation, it is our mission to place those puppies with owners that appreciate what it takes to produce the best and then we guarantee those puppies that have been so designated to carry on and perpetuate the breed with incomparable amenities, guarantees and training packages.


The following is a recap of all that comes with puppies designated as

Full AKC Registration is provided with each Show Quality Puppy

  • Lifetime FREE Show Training, both the Thursday Night Training Classes
      & Unlimited Private Sessions by appointment at our home/farm.

  • FREE Training with Sandy Herzon for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) 
    & FREE testing for the CGC

  • Eligibility for inclusion into the Preferred Stud Dog Program for males or
    the Preferred Breeding Program for females.

  • Major Discounts for all our Professional Services, including boarding, In-Kennel Training, Show Handling, Basic Obedience Training Classes and more.


Show Quality Replacement Guarantee to 2 years of age

If for any natural reason* the puppy does not develop into the projected show potential and is not competitive at any of these venues (AKC, UKC or IABCA), a replacement* of equal value will be offered for up to the age of 2 years. Dogs must not have been bred, intentionally or unintentionally! Dogs must have been shown a minimum of 12 Shows AKC plus 4 Shows IABCA
or 12 Shows UKC.

If the dog does not receive one of the following:

  • Win against competition,

  • Points

  • Titles in one of those venues after completing the required amount of shows in one of those venues,

then it would be deemed not to be show competitive.

We have the option of allowing the new owner to keep the original or to return it to us for the replacement.

*Natural reason shall include any major breed standard disqualifications, severe conformation faults that leads to disqualifications to include temperament and behavior and none-show attitude that would hinder them to be competitive at the dog shows.
Chambray Labradors will have the final determination as to whether the dog is show quality or not.

Notice that the Show Quality Replacement Guarantee does not guarantee that a dog will obtain its AKC champion's title, as there are way too many variables that go into finishing a dog at AKC  venues including economical and financial issues, number of
shows presented at, proper show management, tried and true show strategies, proper training, proper conditioning
and most important professional, skillful handling at the shows.

This guarantee does not include any accidents or death  or dogs which lack proper show training or dogs that have been abused. Dogs that have been bred, either intentionally or accidentally will not be covered by the
Show Quality Replacement Guarantee.

All puppies and dogs placed as Show Quality or Pet Quality,
must carry the AKC Registered prefix kennel name of Chambray
for all guarantees to be in effect.

Conditions on replacement below



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