Chambray Labradors offers a unique Owner's Package of Amenities, Guarantees and Training.



Producing the absolute best in conformation comes from our 39 years of involvement with the breed as Labrador breeders/trainers and handlers. The measure of success in conformation is tallied in the show ring and the results of that success is assessed in the number of wins and titled dogs in competition with other breeders. In Florida, we have bred and handled more AKC, UKC and IABCA champions than all the other Florida Labrador breeders combined!!!!


Anyone can claim anything and they do, however the proof is in the pudding and that pudding is certifiable results!


As professional dog trainers and handlers we are uniquely qualified to offer the following training, conditioning and handling packages to those puppies placed through the Puppy Placement Program.


There is no other Florida Labrador breeder that offers the following training package!

That's because none are qualified to do so!
Show Potential Training Package.

  • FREE The 12 Week Puppy Primer Training Classes - these are held once a week at our training facility in Miami. Class meets every Thursday night at 7 PM and lasts 1/2 hour.  For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months old. Outside puppies pay $7 per session.

  • FREE Thursday Night Training Classes for the Lifetime of the dog - these are held at our training facility in Miami on Thursday nights from 7:30 to 9 PM. Outside clients pay $10 per session.

  • FREE Private One-On-One Training Sessions* - for the Lifetime of the dog, these are scheduled at our home and kennel by appointment. Outside clients pay $40 to $50 per session

  • FREE Training for the CGC Test. We insist that every Chambray Show owner take advantage of our offer of providing the training for the Canine Good Citizen test at no charge. Outside clients pay $80 for 2 private sessions for this test.

  • FREE The CGC Test (Canine Good Citizen Testing) - As an AKC Trainer and Evaluator of the CGC, we provide this test free of charge to all puppies and dogs placed through our program. Outside clients pay $25 for the test.

All of the above are provided FREE of charge to each
Show Prospect puppy or Show dog placed through the
Puppy Placement Program or the
Show Development Program for Adult dogs.

*Private Training Sessions are priced between $40 & $50 an hour depending on the work required with the dog and owner. We have had owners come to over 100 sessions with their dogs, doing the math, that comes out to over $4000 in training for the price of the dog!!!!!!!!!!!

Below you will find other services that are discounted for our Show puppies and dogs.

  • The 8-Week Basic Obedience Training Classes reg. $95 discounted to $50

  • Advanced Obedience Training Classes reg. $95 discounted to $50

  • In-Kennel Training, this is where the dog is left with us reg. $30 per day discounted to $20

  • In-Kennel Conditioning Packages reg. $30 per day discounted to $20

  • Show Handling Package - we have several packages available that are priced at major discounts to those dogs that are part of the Partners Program

  • Stud Dog Management for males

  • Different Programs available for Breeding, Whelping and Rearing of Puppies for females.

All of the preceding are made available to each and every
Show Prospect Puppy or Adult Show Dog

  The Show Package above is worth in excess of $5000 if taken advantage of, just the Private One-On-One Training cost $40 to $50 per lesson for paying clients. If 60 lessons are scheduled during the lifetime of the dog, that comes out to over $2400/$3000!!!!! That's a lot less than the price of the dog.

When we designate a puppy as Show Quality, we back it up with all the guarantees, amenities and training to prove it!!

We guarantee that no other Labrador breeder in the country will beat or
match all of the above!

We guarantee it in writing!


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