Chambray Labradors presents the Girls of Chambray





The heart and soul of Chambray Labradors and
the Partners Program are the females that will perpetuate the kennel with the
Next Generation of puppies, that is why each female that is part of
our Program for the Betterment of The Breed, has been
specially selected  for their potential
contribution to the breed.
All possess those great attributes that so well define the unique breed,
which is the Labrador Retriever, from the most solid conformation qualities, appropriate clearances and exemplary temperament that Labradors must possess to be true representatives of the breed.

In the following section you will meet those girls that make up our Program,
some live with us at our home and kennel, the majority reside with their owners and breeders,
some are well into our 8th and 9th generation Chambray dogs,
while others are newer introductions to our existing lines for improvement,
all our foundation-quality bitches are worthy of producing
the next generation of puppies for our Partner's Program.

All receive our Development & Management Services
of training, conditioning, handling for the conformation ring,
developed for the Placement Program, while others will be
under consideration for the Breeding Program,
raising the bar one generation at a time

Raising the bar one generation at a time!

The Top Show & Producing Females
From 1997 to Today

Click on hyperlinked name below for more information on each of these girls.
The Following are the Chambray & WinQuest Bred Girls

(Champions in LARGE ITALICS)

The Following are the females brought in from other kennels.


By accessing the Young Star's Directory at

Our Young Labrador Retriever Stars
You will be able to see the rest of the
Chambray Girls born from the Classes of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011


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